Engine Leasing Seminar – Proceedings of event

he Engine Leasing Seminar was held in London in September 2019 and a video done of most of the speakers.  It was a one day event that  focussed on the leasing of individual engines and the engine aspects of aircraft leases.

You will hear about:

  1. What factors to consider when selecting an engine
  2. Financial Relationship between Redelivery Conditions & Lease Term Duration
  3. Maintenance Reserve tracking and forecasting / shortfall
  4. Financial impact of redelivery conditions
  5. Engine Shop visits
  6. Future of Engine Leasing
  7. Short and long term engine leasing.
  8. How to budget, evaluate and manage your engine maintenance costs.
  9. How to comply with aircraft lease return conditions
  10. Financial commercial working

£625.00 plus VAT (20%).

This would be of interest to:
Financiers, Lessors, Airlines, Lawyers.  Anyone new to the industry or wishing to gain a fuller understanding of the issues of engine asset leasing issues.

Event Details
  • End Date
    July 30, 2020 5:20 pm
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Travel & Accommodation

Delegates are responsible for booking and arranging their own transport and accommodation.

I am unable to attend this event, but wish to purchase the documentation at £300.00 + VAT.

You will be sent a link to download after the conference.